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Pros and Cons of Climate-Controlled Storage Units Greenville NC

Storage units can be a great option for individuals who need extra space to store their belongings. However, when choosing between a regular storage unit and a climate-controlled storage unit, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. At Firetower Secure Storage, we describe the pros and cons of climate-controlled storage units Greenville NC.

Pros of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Protection From Temperature and Humidity

One of the biggest advantages of climate-controlled storage units is that they maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. This is particularly important if you are storing items sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, such as electronics, wooden furniture, and artwork. Climate controlled storage units Greenville NC can also help prevent mold and mildew growth, which is detrimental to your belongings.

Storage Security

Another advantage of climate-controlled storage units is that they provide better security for your items. Since these units are typically indoors, they are less susceptible to theft and vandalism. In addition, they often have more advanced security features, such as surveillance cameras and electronic keypads.

Convenience of Access

Finally, climate-controlled storage units in Greenville NC offer greater comfort and convenience for customers. These units are in well-lit, clean, and easily accessible areas. They also provide a more comfortable environment for customers who need to access their belongings frequently.

Cons of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Unit Expense

One of the main disadvantages of climate-controlled storage units in Greenville NC is that they are typically more expensive than regular storage units. This is because they require more advanced technology and maintenance to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level.


Another disadvantage of climate-controlled storage units is that they may not be necessary for all items. Items such as clothing or non-perishable food items might only require a regular storage unit. If you have any questions about what items you can keep in a regular storage unit and ones you should keep in a climate-controlled storage unit, contact Firetower Secure Storage!

Limited Storage Availability

Finally, climate-controlled storage units may have limited availability, particularly during peak seasons. This means reserving a unit well in advance or paying a premium price during peak seasons. At Firetower Secure Storage, our staff is dedicated to assisting you with finding the storage unit that is right for you, even during peak season!

Firetower Secure Storage Offers Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Greenville NC

Climate-controlled storage units offer several advantages over regular storage units, including consistent temperature and humidity levels, better security, and greater comfort and convenience. However, they also have disadvantages, such as higher costs and limited availability. Ultimately, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit should be based on your needs and the items you need to store at Firetower Secure Storage. To learn more about our climate-controlled storage units Greenville NC, please visit our website!