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Car Storage in Greenville, NC

Non-sheltered parking is an excellent option for customers needing car storage in Greenville, NC. It provides an affordable opportunity for customers needing to store their cars without the added protection of a covered or enclosed storage unit. Firetower Secure Storage offers non-sheltered parking storage for customers needing an affordable option. With 24/7 security surveillance, customers can rest assured that their car is safe and secure. Don’t let the weather or lack of space prevent you from storing your car. Choose our non-sheltered parking storage option at Firetower Secure Storage today!

Car Storage FAQs

Car security and maintenance is paramount when storing your car in any facility. Firetower Secure Storage answers your questions about our car storage Greenville, NC facility to bring you peace of mind.

  • Is it better to store a car with a full or empty tank?

    Car storage experts recommend filling your car tank completely before storing it to prevent internal rust from condensation buildup and moisture mixing within the empty tank.

  • How often should you run a car in storage?

    Car storage experts say you should drive your car every two to three weeks if your car is in storage. This prevents batteries from losing their charge, oil from deteriorating, and fuel from going bad.

  • what are the safest parking choices?

    When searching for a safe place to park, you want to ensure the location is visible and not in a highly crowded area, and double check your doors are locked and windows are rolled up. At Firetower Secure Storage, we offer 24/7 surveillance on our property for extra security if you are searching to put your car in storage.

  • should you cover a car in storage?

    Covering your car in storage protects the exterior from getting dirty. Our experts highly recommend spending the extra dollar on getting a quality cover for your vehicle, especially if it’s being stored during the winter.

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