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Storage Units in Greenville Storage Greenville, NC – Standard and Non-climate

Storage Greenville NC Options at Firetower Secure Storage

Standard and non-climate storage units are excellent choices for customers who need an affordable and secure storage solution. Firetower Secure Storage offers various standard and non-climate storage units, providing a range of sizes to fit our customer’s unique storage needs. Our standard, non-climate storage units are the perfect solution, whether that’s to store furniture, collections, boxes, or other household items. With 24-hour security surveillance and on-site management, we ensure our customers’ belongings are safe. If you are looking for safe, quality, and reliable storage in Greenville NC, or Winterville, NC, Firetower Secure Storage is the place for you.

Standard & Non-Climate Storage Greenville NC FAQs

Our storage Greenville NC pros answer common questions about our standard and non-climate Storage Greenville NC units, allowing you to select the best storage unit for your needs.

  • What can you store in non-climate controlled?

    Items that withstand temperature and moisture changes should be stored in non-climate-controlled units. Examples of this are vehicles, tools, and lawn equipment, to name a few.

  • Can you store a bed in a non-climate-controlled storage unit?

    Firetower Secure Storage recommends storing a mattress in temperature-controlled units instead of non-climate-controlled units. Even if the mattress is covered in plastic, a standard storage unit’s temperature and moisture change can still damage the mattress.

  • What is the difference between climate-controlled storage and regular storage?

    A regular storage unit gives you space to place personal belongings, but certain belongings would be better in a climate-controlled unit. The climate-controlled unit offers extra protection, ensuring personal belongings needing specific temperatures stay valuable and intact.

  • Can furniture be stored in non-climate controlled?

    The type of furniture you want to store will depend on where it should be held. For example, outdoor or metal furniture will be fine in a standard unit. However, customers should keep antique or upholstered furniture in climate-controlled units to avoid humidity and temperature changes.

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