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Get Your Self Storage Organized!

Now that you’ve got your self-storage unit with Firetower Secure Storage, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to organize your things for easy access and an organized space.

How much access do you need to the items?

Frequent Access – More often than not the items placed on the truck last are the first to come off and therefore funneled to the back. While it is only logical to fill your unit from back to front you should take just a moment to pull things out that you will want frequent access to and set them aside so that you may place them closest to the door. Another great tip is to add shelves in order to make items more accessible while also increasing storage capacity.

Infrequent Access – Items that you know you will not need access to frequently, such as furniture and other bulky items should go directly to the back of your unit. There is no need to leave a walkway to these items since you will not need to access them frequently. These items can be stacked as high as the ceiling will allow, keeping the heavy items on the bottom and lighter fragile items on the top. Be sure to leave a small air space between all your items and any boxes.

Storing Items

Furniture – One of the most popular items to place in self-storage is furniture. There are a few key things to remember while putting your furniture in self-storage:




Organizing your self-storage space will save you so much time in the long run. Whether you want to store a few boxes or a 25-foot camper van, we have a space to accommodate you! We offer climate controlled secure self-storage to keep your possessions safe from outside weather conditions. We also have units with drive up capabilities for boat and RV storage. For more information or for more tips on organizing your self-storage feel free to contact us or stop by and see us on Fire Tower Road here in Greenville, NC.